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Allons Manger!

Health(ier) dining w/ a Louisiana kick.

20 August 1980
Born in the Midwest, corn-and-cattle fed & bread until the age of 23 when I moved to New Orleans for a graduate program. Survived Katrina and STILL stayed for another 6 years, until my need for family drew me back up to Missouri.

But I loved my life in Louisiana...the weather, the culture, the people...and of course, the FOOD!

My work still takes me down south four times a year, which is a true blessing, but that means the other 350 days of the year, I frequently get cravings for some good 'ol Cajun food... but alas...my town has but one Cajun restaurant, and there's not a Popeyes to be found for at least 200 miles. And even if there was...I'm a busy 45-hour-a-week workin' lady! Lord knows I haven't got the time to work off all those calories at the gym.

So what's a girl to do? Why--make it yourself of course!! A few tweaks here, a couple shortcuts there, and BOOM...all the flavor with less of the guilt.

That's what I'm here for. And if you're interested in Cajun flavors (with a little history, fun, and nutritional information thrown in as lagniappe), then you're in the right place!

Allons Manger! (Let's Eat!)

Old Bio (written prior to November 2009):
I have been living in Louisiana for a little under 6 years now. I love the culture of this region--it is truly unique to this corner of the world, and even unique to it's own small sub-sects of society. This is a world where the natives can likely guess within a 50-mile radius where you're from just by hearing you speak a single sentence--something that is relatively unheard of in the United States. Words change, phrases change, meanings change, pronunciations change, just by taking a drive.

And the food can also change--but no matter what version you get: Acadiana, NOLA creole, Bayou Cajun...it's still likely to be delicious.

However, by most accounts it is NOT terribly healthy.

I love to cook and make traditionally "bad for you" dishes healthier and diet-friendly, while still retaining all of their delicious-ity.

The purpose of this blog is to post my adventures in cooking Cajun & creole style food, but attempt to make it somewhat healthier. I do it with every other recipe I come across--WHY NOT cajun food? And having lived here long enough, I KNOW what the "authentic" stuff tastes like...so if I can achieve the proper taste without as much fat and bad stuff = better for everyone.

Having diabetics in my family, I understand that struggle, as well as those of just the everyday dieter/healthy eater. I do NOT consider myself a "dieter"--I believe the secret lies in moderation and making smart lifestyle choices, and keeping things as fresh and unprocessed as possible. But I also understand having a crazy schedule and needing to keep things simple & quick (as well as using items that are readily available). So sometimes, shortcuts will be used.

I will post recipes, modifications/substitutions, Nutrifacts, as well as photos.