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Mom's Chicken & Noodles (non-Cajun dish)

My apologies for my absence. Things have been a bit on the crazy side.

And I GUESS I apologize also for the fact that this is NOT a post about cajun food.

Actually...this is a post about what my coworkers jokingly call "Yankee food". Because as much as I love the Cajun food and culture....every so often I crave my mom's cooking, like most every other person on the planet. And since my mom has never lived anywhere other than Missouri...she makes "Missouri" food. A lot of which is highly Germanic in heritage (though I don't think of it as being German, because it's just good ol' Midwest food to me). And those cravings particularly hit me once it starts getting cold outside. Not that there's a LOT of "cold" here in southern Louisiana...but around that first drop (which we got last week--57 degrees at night, people! Brr! I know....some of you who still live up north are laughing hysterically at my pansy-butt right now.)

And my absolute favorite "Mom Food" is my mother's famous Chicken & Noodles w/Mashed Potatoes. She brings it to family functions (along with her cherry cheesecake, but we won't go into that right now.... *drools*) and everyone in our family knows it...and every time I visit home, summer or winter, I request she makes it.

So, anywho, I digress. We got that cold snap, and my internal gears decided it was time for culinary journey up the Mighty Mississippi. Granted--this is definitely a carb-fest, but if kept in check, you can have MANY MANY delicious comforting meals that are still health-conscious.


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